Roof Trends: Exploring the Most Popular Roof Colors in Atlanta

Is your roof in need of a color upgrade? As a homeowner in Atlanta, upgrading your roof is an important part of maintaining its value, curb appeal, and strength against the harsh Atlanta climate. So, what are the Atlanta roof color trends in 2024 that can help take your home to the next level?


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    What are the Best Roof Colors in Atlanta This Year? 

    Before you choose a new color for your roof, it’s important to consider the climate in your city, the architecture of your home and the neighborhood, the surrounding landscape, local regulations, and your exterior style goals. Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate with cold winters, hot and humid summers, and a typical mild fall and spring season. Atlanta homeowners will often choose roofing colors that will promote high energy efficiency and keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

    The neighborhoods and homes in Atlanta have a wide range of architectural styles and you can often find homes that range from Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary, Colonial, Victorian, and Craftsman. 


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    Warm Natural Tones: Inviting & Warm

    Are you looking for a roof color that will bring warmth and a cozy presence to your home? A natural brown or reddish tile roof will add an inviting and rustic touch to the exterior of your home and will complement the surrounding landscape in Atlanta. Choose a red or brown roof if you’re looking for an earthy roof color that is inviting and blends well with a variety of architectural styles.


    Grey Colors: Sleek & Modern

    Maybe a sleek and modern grey slate roof color is more your style. Grey tones will provide your home with a beautiful contrast to the surrounding landscape and give your residence an elevated and modern vibe. Plus, grey roofing will reflect heat, keep your home cool, and help you save money on your electric bills. 


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    Classic Black: Timeless & Sophisticated

    Are you looking for a roof color that is timeless and sophisticated? It’s no surprise that classic black asphalt roofing never goes out of style in Atlanta! Black roofing is perfect for a high-contrast aesthetic and harmonizes well with nearly any textures or colors that you use on the exterior of your Atlanta home. Choose a black roof for an eye-catching and striking roof color. An added benefit of classic black roofing is that it helps keep the heat inside your home during the colder months in Atlanta.


    American Eagle Roofing LLC: Serving Atlanta with Roofing Excellence  

    If you have any questions about upgrading the color of your roof, call us today! At American Eagle Roofing LLC, we are proud to serve the Atlanta community with personalized, durable, and efficient roofing solutions that will boost your property’s value and strength against the climate. With American Eagle Roofing LLC, you can rest assured that your home is in the best hands! Call us today to learn more about the home improvement services that we provide!


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